Case Study - Brewhoo

The app for
the little beer brewmaster
in all of us.

Discover, catalog, rate, learn, all from a squeaky clean user experience.
Why was this app made?

I set out to design an app
that made it easy to find
beer that you love.

Because beer is more
than a beverage.
It's a conversation piece.

The Problem Fermented

Beer discovery made easy.

There are other apps out there with more features that hit the widest possible target, and I respect that. This app is meant to do a few things perfectly: find and maintain a library, or "journal", of preferred brews and discover where to find them when they are ready to buy. The problem with other apps is they easily become bloated, so the problem was how to keep the app incredibly clean and simple so the beer is what stands out.

Social Appreciater Problem

The socialite appreciator who enjoys beer casually and occasionally doesn't want to get bogged down with the details. They just want to be able to find the beer they had that one time at their friend Greg's house.

Brew Lover Problem

This stalwart group of battle hardened beer drinkers are into cataloging and scrutinizing the details of every brew that touches their lips.This group wants it to be all about the perfect beer and where to find it near them.
User Personas

Social drinkers & beer enthusiasts weigh in.

Building an app that's for beer lovers is a lot easier when you talk to beer lovers about it.

Juliet Ria

Social Appreciater
Short Bio

Juliet just started her brew journey and is still largely finding where her taste is. She hates the intricate synonym based style names such as IPA and EPA. She works mainly as a receptionist and organization specialist and likes to hang out after work with her friends. She’s known as a bit of a free spirit. Juliet one day wants to be able to order beer for entire work parties and be a big hit. Hates when her fiance talks to her about full bodied hops and citrusy undertones.

Tomas Ortega

Beer Enthusiast
Short Bio

After a long day of solving other people’s problems Thomas just wants to sit back and enjoy a beer. He enjoys beer both socially and for it’s taste (non-socially). His friends and him all have a passionate rivalry and seek to one up each other with unique brews from all over the world. Someday he’d love to brew his own microbrew. He has even convinced his buddies that a beer vacation to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. He takes pride in his beer knowledge.

DESIGN Process Pt.1

Early wireframes

After sifting through our user personas and asking them questions,  we had a better idea of what they'd like to see in an app like this. Initially, the app was going to be about purchasing beer and having it delivered to their houses. However, users brought up that it could be dicey legal territory. Not to mention, very expensive. So, the core directive of the app altered to a discovery and journal core function.

DESIGN Process Pt.2

Digital wireframes

After establishing a rough idea of how the app will flow, I began building out quick digital wireframes to give me a more accurate look at how the app will work practically. All the while keeping in focus the user feedback I'd already received.

Final Product


Below are highlights of specific segments of the app. The specific segments are the discovery screens, the journal, and the
beer-finding screen. For a more complete experience, revisit the prototype above. If you click on the screen it should begin your tour.


Prototype Play

With the user personas informing the hand-drawn and digital wireframes, it was time to build them out. Lets recap a smidge: the users wanted a clean ui, emphasis on the beer. They wanted it migrated from delivery to discovery. They wanted the core features to work well and not feel tacked on as an afterthought.
Branding Overview

Brand Colors

The current trend right now is bright, brightness with a side of purple.
I wanted to buck the current trend a little in favor of a more vintage color scheme.
Branding Overview

Brand Feel

In building the app I wanted to look at it from a wholistic standpoint. I had to explore
what this might look out in the wild to get an idea of where to take the UI.
UI/UX Design


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