Creating the healthcare platform of the future.

Why did this need to happen?

We set out to design a healthcare platform of the future.

I actually didn't succeed. However, I think you should learn why.

The problem solved:

Or actually not solved... Insurance companies are mostly built on the back of almost 30 year old legacy systems. Overhauling this legacy system was too great a cost.

Digital Wireframes

Wireframes to layout requirements and to determine flow

We had to go through an extended round of requirement gathering to make sure that our ideas were lining up with HIPAA regulations. We also had to disect and break down the countless forms and systems that a single person has to fill out in order to even sign up. Below is just a few.
Final Product


Ahh, the screens that will never take flight. Once we got into it and it was revealed how much it would cost to actually overhaul the system and provide customers with a truly streamlined user experience the cost simply was too great. Medi-Share like many insurance companies lose the appetite for change once they see how much the meal will cost them.