An app designed to help pros and employers find each other.

Why was this app made?

I set out to design an app that connected entrepreneurs with pros. Rapidly.

The problem solved:

There are great job finding/freelancing websites out there, but most do not translate well into the app space. My goal with this app was to make a hyper-curated list of candidates or companies for each user. Nobody wants to stare at their phone all day on a hiring app. This required utilizing some of the phone's strengths to compensate for the traditionally long form fields, namely, video. A short two minute video can say more about a person than a 3 page long essay.

Design Process

Digital Wireframes

After establishing a rough idea of how the app will flow, I began building out quick wireframes to give me a more accurate look at how the app will work practically. All the while keeping in focus the user feedback I'd already received.
Final Product


Below are highlights of specific segments of the app. If you'd like a more thorough examination of the app please get in contact with me and I can demo it.