Setting a new tone with Product X.

Understanding a world-class brand

Working on a prayer

Scout approached me to work on this project with them. At first you have this "YES!" feeling, but after awhile the daunting task sets in, "what if what I produce is used as an example of bad design on Twitter"? Lots rushed through my head. Ultimately, I was proud with with what we delivered.

The problem solved:

There was two big overarching tasks that we had to contend with. We needed to revamp their point of sale page for this product. The other is we had to develop an interface for an "Owner's Lounge".

Design Process

Digital Wireframes

As I mentioned, we didn't know what the product looked like. So, we had to create the wireframes to handle a myriad of potential devices. We knew it was in the Fold family, but just being honest, thats a weird family. It needs breathing room for explanation.
Final Product


Below, taken in concert with what you've seen so far should illuminate for you what we achieved for Samsung. Not only did we help coalesce their brand message, but we laid the foundation for a blog/ archive system so that they had all their media in one place for their customers.