Moving across the country is as easy as taking a video.

How did this happen?

Yembo reached out via a mutual acquaintance and asked me to help them rebuild their administrative system for their movers.

I was perpetually nerding out over the weird things I learned. Apparently, getting the AI to distinguish a TV from a Microwave took 2 years.

The problem solved:

Yembo has an incredibly powerful core product. Their mover admin was very barebones though. So we overhauled about 5 key screens that helped set the foundation for an all new experience.

Design Process

Digital wireframes

After establishing a rough idea of how the app will flow, I began building out quick digital wireframes to give me a more accurate lookat how the app will work practically. All the while keeping in focus the user feedback I'd already received.
Final Product


Below are highlights of specific segments of the the new admin. I've heard nothing but great things after this was fully implemented and shipped. The movers (Yembo's customers) feel as though they are on the cutting edge of the moving industry. Not just in tech but in experience.