Case Study - Muster

Designed to help pros & employers
find each other.

Bringing teams together from across the far reaches of cyberspace and the entire breadth of human vocation.
Why was this app made?

I set out to design an app
that connected entrepreneurs
with pros. Rapidly.

I think I succeeded.

The Problem Solved

A mobile solution that works.

There are great job finding/freelancing websites out there, but most do not translate well into the app space. My goal with this app was to make a hyper-curated list of candidates or companies for each user. It also had to be rapid. Nobody wants to stare at their phone all day on a hiring app.
This required utilizing some of the phone's strengths to compensate for the traditionally long form fields, namely, video. A short two minute video can say more about a person than a 3 page long essay.

Entrepreneur's Problem

Entrepreneurs need to narrow down candidates for their teams quickly. In order to do that the app had to ask the right questions at the right time in a way that felt lightweight yet meaningful.

Professional's Problem

For pros every second of time is money. They don't have time to negotiate long shots. Pros only want to see real leads. Also the use of MLE's help pros get the partners they want.
User Personas

Two sides of the same coin.

Building an app that was meant to bring human vocations together required that I get to know the
humans behind the expertise.

Jane Appleseed

Back-End Dev
Short Bio

Jane is a Back-End Dev with a passion for mastering complex systems. She makes a decent living working for Google but her and her husband want to buy their own home. She's able to allocate 20 hours a week until she reaches her goal. She doesn't want to have to have to dig through dead-end leads to find the rare gems, she wants only to see viable candidates.

Jack Applegate

Short Bio

Jack Applegate is CEO and Founder of Pack LLama Wallets. He's grown his business to a great size but technical limitations in his companies' CRM is holding them back. In order to keep up with other wallet companies, he needs to stay on the go. He needs to hire a coder that knows what he needs, and he needs them today.

DESIGN Process Pt.1

Early wireframes

After sifting through our user personas and asking them questions on what they'd like to see in an app like this. They got back to me with feature requests. One big one was the rapidness of getting through the first round of finding prospects. It had to happen even faster than I was thinking originally. So I set out to make a core design that drove that high energy process.

DESIGN Process Pt.2

Digital wireframes

After establishing a rough idea of how the app will flow, I began building out quick digital wireframes to give me a more accurate look
at how the app will work practically. All the while keeping in focus the user feedback I'd already received.

Final Product


Below are highlights of specific segments of the app. The specific segments are shown in order of progression. For a more in depth
grasp of the app please revisit the above prototype. I hope you enjoy viewing these segments as I did creating them.


Prototype Play

With digital wireframes in place I put skin on the bones. What came out was an electrifying UI that felt ever much a game as a workhorse app. Below is a live prototype of the end result. This prototype doesn't have some key interactions such as the Tinderesque swiping but it makes for a great tour.
Branding Overview

Brand Colors

The current trend right now is bright, brightness with a side of purple.
I wanted to buck the current trend a little in favor of a more vintage color scheme.
Branding Overview

Brand Logo

In building the app I wanted to look at it from a wholistic standpoint.I had to explore what this
might look out in the wild to get an idea of where to take the UI.
UI/UX Design

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UI/UX Design


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